Style: Acrylux-Olivia


Style: Acrylux-Olivia


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Step 1. Choose the door type

When choosing standard door you have to specify doors orientation. The side from which they will open up.

Standard door
Drawer door
Choose door orientation:

Step 2. Hinges

Amount of hinges affects product price.

Step 3. Measurements

In this section you specify dimensions of your kitchen cabinet. Each value is represented in the picture to the right.

Remember all sizes should be in inches

min:1 max:0 min:1 max:0

Hinges position:

Step 4. Color / Accessoriess

Click on the buttons to load up inserts, handles and colors available with the cabinet model you have selected.

Handles: Currently selected handle type
Selected color: Currently selected color

Step 5. Finalization

If you have any additional information write it in the area below.

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